Once again, on 31st October, students celebrated Halloween at school.

This spooky season is celebrated in different countries all over the world. It’s a time for trick -or-treating for candy at people’s houses, carving pumpkins, wearing scaring costumes and having a lot of fun!

Students used their imagination to decorate the main school building. With the help of the English Club, they created a Halloween booth with a witch and little Casper. The students drew and painted it by themselves. Well… the Arts teacher gave them a hand with the drawing! It was a great success. Both students and teachers took very funny shots.

On this day everyone wanted to taste the delicious sweets made by the teachers and some students.

Fifth and sixth graders took part in a Witch Hat Contest, using their creativity to make a special hat. It wasn´t an easy task to choose the best one, but the jury finally managed to reach a decision! Congratulations to our winners!

The English Club.